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Whitney Houston

Many years have gone by since Whitney Houston’s last release.  After almost ruining her career and voice due to drugs, she has made an incredible comeback with “I Look to You.”

Whitney’s new CD features a couple of songs that highlight the struggle she has faced throughout the years and show where she found the strength to change her life. ‘I Look to You’ is one of those songs.

Other songs such as ‘Nothin’ but Love’ and ‘For the Lovers,’ confirm that Whitney is still the queen of romantic music; along with her beautiful, strong and powerful voice, “I Look to You” proves to be better than I expected.

I commend her for continuing to look gorgeous and for being able to create exceptional music after being stagnant for several years.

I have yet to hear a bad Whitney Houston song, but coming from her, great is the least you should anticipate.


Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray released an album titled “Music for Cougars” a few weeks ago.

I had not heard anything new from them in five or more years and was very eager to hear something different.

However, excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I discovered their style of music changed from alternative rock to pop/fruity rock.  They even feature a reggae kind of song called ‘Girls Were Made to Love.’

Like, seriously?! If I wanted something equally bad I could just listen to Sean Paul, or play Bob Marley for some real reggae…

Songs from previous albums that became popular hits such as ‘Fly,’ ‘Every Morning,’ and ‘When it’s Over,’ were characterized by lead guitarist Rodney Sheppard’s light acoustic guitar playing.

Sugar Ray would have a new hit song if they featured that same style found in previous albums, but unfortunately, that is nowhere to be found in “Music for Cougars.”

Until they come out with something better, I will continue rocking out to Sugar Ray’s old music.

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