Kings of Leon

I recently discovered a new band called Kings of Leon. After hearing their hit song, ‘Use Somebody,’ on the radio a million times, I decided that I really liked it and figured I should find out more about their music.

One rather interesting thing that I found out about this band is that they formed in Nashville! All the band members are related (brothers and cousin) which I think is very rare and cool (Chevelle is the only other band I know that was formed by brothers).

After listening to their most recent album, “Only by the Night,” I found them to be very similar to Jet, Snow Patrol, and The Killers. If you enjoy listening to any of those bands, you will definitely enjoy Kings of Leon as well!

Their lyrics seem to be clean and since they are close to home, watching them live is a definite possibility for Southern students who enjoy a mix of alternative/classic rock.


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