Lily Allen

I was listening to Pandora the other day and I heard a song that I had already heard on the radio many times but did not know it was by Lily Allen.

Although this song, ‘LDN,’ is slightly annoying, it is not the most horrible song I’ve ever heard.  However, I listened to the rest of Lily’s album and was rather unimpressed.

It seems that Lily Allen lacks originality, seeing as all of her songs resemble the same style that Nelly Furtado features in her music.

In general, there seems to be several similarities between these two musicians: both are originally European; Lily Allen is a natural from England while Nelly Furtado is a Portuguese citizen, and their music sounds exotic and has pop, alternative and ska (popular music that originated in Jamaica characterized by rhythms of blues, jazz, and a fast tempo) features.

Miss Allen has decided that she will not be releasing any more CDs; instead, she is considering a career in acting. Copying someone else’s style is always easier than coming up with your own.  However, being a copycat often signifies FAILURE, which is clearly exemplified by Lily Allen’s career as a musician.


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