She & Him

I recently saw a commercial featuring Zooey Deschanel

Fabric of My Life

Prior to this commercial, I did not know she was a singer.  I had seen and really enjoyed her acting in ‘Failure to Launch’ and ‘500 Days of Summer,’ and thought that the ‘Fabric of My Life’ commercial was cute.

I discovered that she is part of a duo called She & Him, in which Zooey is accompanied by guitarist M. Ward; together they perform indie folk style of music.

Their CD “Volume One” features a variety of simple, mellow songs that highlight Zooey Deschanel’s soft voice.

As shown by their song ‘Sentimental Heart,’ She & Him do not sing the best and most complex music there is.

I definitely don’t foresee these stupid, sappy songs becoming a part of my top most played songs on iTunes, but who could ever hate on Zooey with that gorgeous hair and blue eyes?!

I’m jealous anyway…


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