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Backstreet Boys

Believe it or not, the Backstreet Boys are STILL around, and you are not imagining this post!

A very long time ago when I was in middle school, I remember the BSB was one of my favorite bands and almost every girl in the world, including myself, thought they were the hottest guys ever…  Of course, back then the Backstreet Boys weren’t even in their 20s and that’s probably why they seemed so cool.

Last month they released a new album titled “This is Us” which is repulsively similar to the albums they released about 15 years ago.  There is nothing extremely wrong with the CD, except that the BSB are now in their 30s, which is, well, not so cool… Shouldn’t they now be called the Backstreet Men?!

If the Backstreet Boys had revamped their style to something more mature and featured less lovey-dovey, “I’ll never break your heart” type of content in their music, they would probably have a smaller hate club.

The song ‘Straight Through My Heart’ is exactly the type of song that a group of 30-year old men should NOT sing, but I suppose they are trying to bring the Jonas Brothers some competition…  If the BSB keep this up, however, the brothers will annihilate them!


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