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Bebel Gilberto

Although Bebel Gilberto was born in the United States, she is the daughter of João Gilberto, a famous Brazilian musician who is considered to be one of the pioneers of Bossa Nova (popular Brazilian music that derived from Samba).

Her uncle, Chico Buarque, is one of Brazil’s greatest Samba singer, songwriter and interpreter, and Bebel Gilberto’s mother, Miúcha, is also a Brazilian singer.

One would assume that the descendant of good musicians would be capable of producing music that is equally as great as what her family has composed and performed.  However, as demonstrated by Bebel Gilberto, this is not always the case.

She is so well-known that I never heard of her until researching for blog ideas.  Her 2009 album “All in One,” Bebel’s fourth album thus far, was so boring that I had no desire to investigate her previous three CDs.

Bebel Gilberto’s album features a combination of songs in Portuguese and English, which I believe is the root of the problem.  The song ‘The Real Thing’ demonstrates that a Brazilian with an accent should NEVER sing in English.

Her accent is so painful that I was almost too embarrassed to write about her, much less admit that I am Brazilian and thus, have something in common with this singer.

Unfortunately, the problem with her music goes much beyond her crappy English.  The majority of her songs are extremely slow and depressing, yet too annoying to help someone fall asleep.

The few songs that are more upbeat are characterized by a mixture of Bossa Nova, jazz, and trance; who in their right mind would ever believe that combining these distinct genres would result in good sounding music is definitely beyond me!!!

Bebel Gilberto should definitely have taken more lessons from her parents and uncle before EVER producing a CD.


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