Monthly Archives: May 2010


Not too long ago Switchfoot released an album titled “Hello Hurricane.”

This band, which started off as a Christian rock band, has slowly been trying to move away from the Christian stereotype by saying that Christianity is a “faith, not a genre.”  They are striving to be known simply as a rock or alternative rock band.

I first became acquainted with Switchfoot after seeing the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ several years back, which featured a significant amount of their songs.

Some of the songs on their new album such as ‘Mess of Me,’ ‘Free,’ and ‘Bullet Soul’ have shifted significantly from the soft style of music featured in previous albums, as they feature more drums and heavy guitar strumming.

Even still, other songs such as ‘Your Love is a Song,’ ‘Always,’ and ‘Enough to Let me Go’ feature the same passion found in the songs released several years ago in ‘A Walk to Remember.’

All in all, I think Switchfoot has done a good job growing as a band by adding different elements to their music, while at the same time keeping several characteristics for which they became famous.


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