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So, after hearing the song ‘American Boy’ a billion times on the radio while driving and at other unwanted occasions, I decided I hated the song enough to find out what genius idiot came up with it.

First of all, to say the lyrics are annoying doesn’t do it justice.  “Take me on a trip…” blah, blah, blah “American boy, American boy…”  I really want to come kick you.

Second of all, does this girl Estelle sing with something inside her mouth? Seriously woman, open your freaking mouth when you sing!

And stop sounding so nasally.

Being the nice girl that I am, I decided the least I could do was give her a chance by listening to the rest of her CD.

That was a mistake. It all sounds the same…  What torture! The butt-facial expression that Estelle is making in her picture is EXACTLY the same face that I am making. right. now.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share my most-loved song from her CD, titled ‘Pretty Please (Love Me).’

I feel a bit sympathetic toward her seeing as she has to beg for love, but who would ever want to love someone who has such a big mouth yet doesn’t use it properly and persists on sounding this awful?

Estelle, here is a tip for you that’s commonly referred to as: the two finger rule. When you sing, open your mouth wide enough so to fit two fingers between your teeth.  Or you can put something else in there if you prefer.

In your favorite words, pretty please go back to wherever the heck you came from.


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