Monthly Archives: August 2010

Kevin Rudolf

Kevin Rudolf became famous after his dud debut, stinker single, ‘Let it Rock,’ was released a couple of years back.

Recently he released his second album titled “To the Sky.”

It blows.

‘To the Sky’ features songs with Lil’ Wayne, Three 6 Mafia, and other dirty south artists.

No offense Kevin, but last time I checked you were whiter than Michael Jackson, so why you trying to be black, yo?! Seriously man, you have to do something about that.

As you so say in ‘What Do U Got,’ “don’t try to be someone you’re not…” Or get a tan and change your name, Rudolf!

On a brighter note, I do like one song from Kevin Rudolf’s first CD, titled ‘I Song.’

It’s almost a little TOO white, but it works.  Congratulations Kevin, out of 20+ however many songs you’ve recorded, you managed to sing one that’s half-decent.

I guess for this day-in-age, that’s actually saying a lot.


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