Mike Posner

Mike Posner became well known for his hit single ‘Cooler than Me.’  His album, “31 Minutes to Takeoff,” which was released a couple of months ago, features hip-hop/alternative rap/electro-ish songs.

There’s nothing crazy special to his music and ‘Cooler than Me’ has been overplayed like whoa. There are only a select few (perhaps only two) songs from Mike’s CD that actually stick; most of them I wouldn’t be able to sing in my head even if I listened to them over and over again a billion times.

Nevertheless, I do have to give him props for being able to stand out from other rap and hip-hop artists. The electropop cadence found in ‘Please Don’t Go’ definitely makes it the most enjoyable song in Mike Posner’s album.

And sure, being eye-catching doesn’t hurt… But seriously dude, overconfidence kills. Could you take any more pictures with your hands on your head?! Doesn’t make you any cooler

That’s all.


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