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Edward Maya

The song ‘Stereo Love’ by Edward Maya has been playing on the radio a lot. I actually love it.

Maya is by far the best artist that I’ve recently discovered.

His other singles ‘Desert Rain’ and ‘This is My Life’ are also pretty good. Can’t say I’ve listened to his entire 2010 album, ‘Stereo Love Show,’ but it might truly be worth spending some money on… I’m diggin’ his stuff.

While doing some research, I discovered that I am older than Edward Maya by TWO days.  As he travels all over the world partying, I sit in an office cubicle day-in and day-out.

In his 24-years of living, he has managed to become famous due to the measly one studio album and three singles that he released; the ENTIRE world has grown to love him/his music. I, on the other hand, really haven’t accomplished much.

The video for his song ‘Stereo Love’ has been viewed on YouTube more than 95 MILLION times. As for me?! I have 25 followers on Twitter. Whoop-dee-doo.

But what can I say? If you’re good, you are GOOD. This is the least hateful blog entry I’ve written in a good while. And I like it. Or maybe I just have weird taste when it comes to tunes. Doubt it, but whatever.

Keep up the good music. Or make me miserable.



La Roux

Lately, the song ‘Bulletproof’ by La Roux has been playing on the radio quite frequently.For the time being, I actually dig this song.  If I hear it five more times though, I might just get fed up.

The synth-pop beat and lyrics are truly not bad but Elly Jackson’s voice is borderline unbearable.

What is ironic to me is that La Roux is comprised not solely of singer Eleanor (her name really cracks me up) Jackson but also of keyboardist Ben Langmaid. I feel really bad for him because unlike Elly, he might possibly have some talent…

Not only is she dragging him down, she is also stealing all his thunder…  I am sure that not even half their admirers have the slightest clue that La Roux isn’t simply a one-man band, much less that Ben is part of this duo.

Before the song ‘Bulletproof’ made its way into several billboard music charts here in the United States, La Roux was known in Europe for their two singles, ‘Quicksand’ and ‘In for the Kill.’

These two songs easily make it on my list of “10 worst songs of all-time,” along with Pat Benatar’s ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot.’ What BAFFLES my mind is that ‘In for the Kill’ won several music awards and Elly Jackson won an award for best female newcomer.

Whaaaaattt?!?! You have got to be kidding. People’s taste in music never ceases to shock me.

Listening to La Roux’s entire CD was honestly worse than getting kicked in the teeth. Sorry to break it to you La Roux, but the fact that you managed to come up with one hit song doesn’t make you talented, it just means that you got lucky.

And here is a French word for you, Elly… You sound and look like derrière. Some people (e.g. you) should never sing;  plus, cracking a smile every once in a while won’t kill you.


A LONG time (at least three years) ago, I remember seeing the first iPod Touch commercial that I can recall.

Created by a British student named Nick Haley, the commercial (search for it on YouTube if you don’t know what I’m talking about) featured a song by a Brazilian band called CSS.

CSS, which stands for Cansei the Ser Sexy (and not Cascading Style Sheets in this case), literally translates to “Tired of Being Sexy.”

I thought the commercial was awesome (what commercial featuring an Apple product wouldn’t be?!) and for that reason, the song must have grown on me.

Three-and-a-half years later, here I am still listening to the same annoying song that for some reason refuses to escape my mind.

This single, titled ‘Music is my Hot Hot Sex,’ was featured in CSS’s first album titled “Cansei de Ser Sexy” (how original!!).  And the funny thing is that there is nothing the slightest bit sexy about them.  As a matter of fact, they are actually pretty ridiculous.

And of course they would be Brazilian because embarrassing ME is everyone’s main goal in life…

If you think this song is absurd, don’t even bother listening to any of their other stuff because believe it or not, it gets worse.

And since I am in an embarrassing myself/my country kind of mood, if you want to have a good laugh (wait, I don’t even think that it’s possible to laugh at this… cry maybe) and/or feel utterly disgusted, take some time to watch their video linked below.  But do know that I am nothing like these creatures.

Music is My Hot… Music Video

P.S. I don’t normally (or ever) post music with curse words, so oops.  Read the disclaimer.

Daft Punk

I was SOO excited when I discovered that Daft Punk had composed the soundtrack for the newly released film ‘Tron Legacy.’

I’ve had a weakness for the helmet wearing, electrifying duo since way back in middle school, and could literally not even sit still before listening to their CD.

And then… I came to conclude that it is complete garbage.  Granted, the soundtrack was made for a Disney movie that no one should ever bother to watch because… HELLO, it screams suck city!    But still Daft Punk, what a disappointment.  I expected much, much better.  Here I was, thinking that I had finally found some decent new music, but boy was I off.

As I listened anxiously to song after song in search of something good that reminded me of what Daft Punk is really all about, the only song that came remotely close was a one minute (seriously?) suck & blow beat titled ‘Derezzed.’

I can’t help but wonder what in the world happened to the invigorating, digitally psychedelic music seen previously in “Discovery” and “Human After All.”

I will try to patiently wait for some new amazing electro tunes as I listen to good-old ‘Digital Love’ and ‘Veridis Quo.’

Please don’t die before releasing another masterpiece.

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