Daft Punk

I was SOO excited when I discovered that Daft Punk had composed the soundtrack for the newly released film ‘Tron Legacy.’

I’ve had a weakness for the helmet wearing, electrifying duo since way back in middle school, and could literally not even sit still before listening to their CD.

And then… I came to conclude that it is complete garbage.  Granted, the soundtrack was made for a Disney movie that no one should ever bother to watch because… HELLO, it screams suck city!    But still Daft Punk, what a disappointment.  I expected much, much better.  Here I was, thinking that I had finally found some decent new music, but boy was I off.

As I listened anxiously to song after song in search of something good that reminded me of what Daft Punk is really all about, the only song that came remotely close was a one minute (seriously?) suck & blow beat titled ‘Derezzed.’

I can’t help but wonder what in the world happened to the invigorating, digitally psychedelic music seen previously in “Discovery” and “Human After All.”

I will try to patiently wait for some new amazing electro tunes as I listen to good-old ‘Digital Love’ and ‘Veridis Quo.’

Please don’t die before releasing another masterpiece.


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