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Daft Punk

I was SOO excited when I discovered that Daft Punk had composed the soundtrack for the newly released film ‘Tron Legacy.’

I’ve had a weakness for the helmet wearing, electrifying duo since way back in middle school, and could literally not even sit still before listening to their CD.

And then… I came to conclude that it is complete garbage.  Granted, the soundtrack was made for a Disney movie that no one should ever bother to watch because… HELLO, it screams suck city!    But still Daft Punk, what a disappointment.  I expected much, much better.  Here I was, thinking that I had finally found some decent new music, but boy was I off.

As I listened anxiously to song after song in search of something good that reminded me of what Daft Punk is really all about, the only song that came remotely close was a one minute (seriously?) suck & blow beat titled ‘Derezzed.’

I can’t help but wonder what in the world happened to the invigorating, digitally psychedelic music seen previously in “Discovery” and “Human After All.”

I will try to patiently wait for some new amazing electro tunes as I listen to good-old ‘Digital Love’ and ‘Veridis Quo.’

Please don’t die before releasing another masterpiece.


Katy Perry

Popstar Katy Perry became famous for her gay ‘I Kissed a Girl’ single back in 2008 after her first single, ‘Ur So Gay,’ flopped.

Recently, she released her second studio album titled “Teenage Dream.” Technically, Katy’s live “MTV Unplugged” album should be considered her second, but it’s just so dreadful that I’m choosing to ignore it.  You are quite welcome, Katy.

“Teenage Dream” has become most well known for the songs ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘California Gurls.’ The beat found in those songs is pretty cool and enjoyable for about three seconds…  And then you come to realize how badly Katy Perry’s music reeks.

I think it’s safe to say that Katy has come a long way since the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ days…  But her twangy voice and trashy lyrics still ruin it all, which is perfectly depicted in her song ‘Last Friday Night.’

This has little to do with her music, but I was rather amused when I found out that she dated singer Travie McCoy, who, to say the very least, is quite an interesting [looking] character.

But then, instead of pursuing something with Travie, she dumped him and got hitched to crazy British actor Russel Brand, because he was clearly the best option.  After all, his clothes are probably just as tight as hers and he wears probably just as much eye liner; they can share everything, what a perfect match!

I suppose her taste in men sucks just as much as her taste in music. 

Now you, Katy, is what I call “such an EPIC fail”.  Your parents must be very proud.

Kevin Rudolf

Kevin Rudolf became famous after his dud debut, stinker single, ‘Let it Rock,’ was released a couple of years back.

Recently he released his second album titled “To the Sky.”

It blows.

‘To the Sky’ features songs with Lil’ Wayne, Three 6 Mafia, and other dirty south artists.

No offense Kevin, but last time I checked you were whiter than Michael Jackson, so why you trying to be black, yo?! Seriously man, you have to do something about that.

As you so say in ‘What Do U Got,’ “don’t try to be someone you’re not…” Or get a tan and change your name, Rudolf!

On a brighter note, I do like one song from Kevin Rudolf’s first CD, titled ‘I Song.’

It’s almost a little TOO white, but it works.  Congratulations Kevin, out of 20+ however many songs you’ve recorded, you managed to sing one that’s half-decent.

I guess for this day-in-age, that’s actually saying a lot.


Not too long ago Switchfoot released an album titled “Hello Hurricane.”

This band, which started off as a Christian rock band, has slowly been trying to move away from the Christian stereotype by saying that Christianity is a “faith, not a genre.”  They are striving to be known simply as a rock or alternative rock band.

I first became acquainted with Switchfoot after seeing the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ several years back, which featured a significant amount of their songs.

Some of the songs on their new album such as ‘Mess of Me,’ ‘Free,’ and ‘Bullet Soul’ have shifted significantly from the soft style of music featured in previous albums, as they feature more drums and heavy guitar strumming.

Even still, other songs such as ‘Your Love is a Song,’ ‘Always,’ and ‘Enough to Let me Go’ feature the same passion found in the songs released several years ago in ‘A Walk to Remember.’

All in all, I think Switchfoot has done a good job growing as a band by adding different elements to their music, while at the same time keeping several characteristics for which they became famous.

Backstreet Boys

Believe it or not, the Backstreet Boys are STILL around, and you are not imagining this post!

A very long time ago when I was in middle school, I remember the BSB was one of my favorite bands and almost every girl in the world, including myself, thought they were the hottest guys ever…  Of course, back then the Backstreet Boys weren’t even in their 20s and that’s probably why they seemed so cool.

Last month they released a new album titled “This is Us” which is repulsively similar to the albums they released about 15 years ago.  There is nothing extremely wrong with the CD, except that the BSB are now in their 30s, which is, well, not so cool… Shouldn’t they now be called the Backstreet Men?!

If the Backstreet Boys had revamped their style to something more mature and featured less lovey-dovey, “I’ll never break your heart” type of content in their music, they would probably have a smaller hate club.

The song ‘Straight Through My Heart’ is exactly the type of song that a group of 30-year old men should NOT sing, but I suppose they are trying to bring the Jonas Brothers some competition…  If the BSB keep this up, however, the brothers will annihilate them!

Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight has always had a way with the ladies through his passionate, sincere music.  He recently released an album titled “Evolution of a Man.”

Like previous albums, the newest one (ironically) continues to feature heartfelt lyrics that capture the essence of who Brian McKnight is.

Brian’s music does not sound modern. Yet, somehow it sounds even less old fashioned, making his music very pleasant to listen to.

The song ‘Another You’ accentuates Brian’s beautiful piano playing skills while bringing out his sexy, silky voice, which combined make this song a highlight from his latest CD.

Is ‘Another You’ as catchy as some of his hit songs? Maybe not…

Does it still make a girl’s heart melt? Absolutely!

John Mayer

John Mayer released a new album titled “Battle Studies” on November 17.  Although this album has some great songs, I believe JM failed to present the style of music for which he is well-known and liked.

His previous albums such as “Continuum” and “Heavier Things” showcased a blues rock style of music emphasizing Mayer’s skilled guitar playing abilities.  In “Battle Studies,” however, his music has a softer, more popish feel.

“Battle Studies” features Taylor Swift in ‘Half of My Heart,’ which alone, well, makes me *gag*.  The majority of the other songs such as ‘All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye’ and ‘Do You Know Me’ present the same tempo and mellow, sappy lyrics, which is unusual for JM.

Although it lacks creativity, ‘Perfectly Lonely’ was my favorite song of the album because it resembles John Mayer’s previous music the most.

I don’t blame John Mayer for experimenting with different styles, but I hope he realizes that sometimes it’s better to stick with the niche you’ve already created.

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